Leon du Preez


Give Your Prayers Marching Orders

The Bible is supernatural by origin, its duration is eternal, its valour inexpressible, its scope infinite, its power regenerative, its authority unswerving, its interest universal, it becomes personal in its application, and it is the enthused Words of God.

When we need a brave reminder of the power of God, the Bible, by the supremacy of the Holy Ghost carries an infallible aptitude to purge us from doubt and fear. It is the linguistics of heaven and the Matriarch of authority from the highest heaven into the underworld. It trumps earthbound facts with heaven’s truth.

However, the finite thoughts of our carnal man limit God, but there is no telling what a limitless God can do in response to limitless faith. One of the most powerful weapons entrusted to us is the ability to verbalize our way to victory. By the delegated authority of God, you and I have the ability to speak destruction to the camp of the enemy with our mouths.

Prayers we must pray

  • Prayers that lay hold on divine promises.
  • Prayers without fear or doubt.
  • Prayers that invoke divine intentions.
  • Prayers by the spirit of prophecy.
  • Prayers that originate from the mind of God.
  • Prayers motivated by divine mandate.


Not to lose sight of an important truth, there is a price for greatness, and that price is the power to remain in the secret place. If we remain steadfast in our confidence in God and build a prayer and word altar, we will receive the promise. Have the audacity to believe that we serve the God of the Suddenly. It is impossible for prayer not to be efficacious when we have the Holy Spirit that prays through us, Jesus advocating on our behalf and the Father who is the Judge of all. 

Do not live in an altered reality; lift the lid of limitation, by faith and conviction declare with me:

  • I speak to any disobedience in my life and command you to run from me. I chase you out of my camp in Jesus Name. I decree and declare that I will walk in obedience just as Jesus walked in obedience according to the will of His Father.
  • I decree and declare that as I spend time in the secret place, God will reward me in public and that my enemies will be utterly confused.
  • I decree and declare that the kindness of God shall not depart from me, nor shall His covenant of peace be removed from my life. I will enter His rest, and His peace will cover me.
  • I decree and declare that vengeance is not mine, but God will see me righted. I declare that I will stand and see the salvation of the Lord for He will fight on my behalf. I will be unmovable and unshaken in Jesus Name for He is my deliverer and my salvation.
  • The spoils of war will be my portion.
  • I decree and declare that this is my season of suddenly.
  • I will align myself with the Spirit of the Lord, I will not experience a terrible year but a year of the incredible. Prosperity is coming to me and my house.
  • I declare that God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I ask or think because I honour Him, His blessing will chase me down and overtake me.
  • I decree and declare that I am empowered to function like Christ. As He is, so am I in this world.
  • I decree and declare that all walls of resistance will come down and break. Financial walls come down. Unseen barriers come down in the Name of Jesus.
  • I decree and declare that as for me and my house and all who concerns me, at home and abroad, will not find ourselves in any life-threatening situation, either by health, in the air, land or water. Let any death appointment be cancelled in the Name of Jesus.
  • God arise and by Your outstretched arm scatter every occultic conspiracy targeted at me in Jesus Name. Let the burden of the oppressor be broken and destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost. Those who persecute and plot against me will never prevail.
  • I decree and declare that not only will my enemies be scattered, but I command by the power of God that there will be no regrouping and no regathering in Jesus Name. My Father, arise and pursue my pursuers in the Name of Jesus.
  • Lord, arise and destroy every habitation of darkness programmed at my progress in the Name of Jesus.

Deploy and engage today!